Lazy Shmazy — a blog for the gumption-challenged

Why am I writing a blog?  I have been living with chronic illness and depression for many years and I’ve learned a few things that have helped me live with it.

I’ve learned that calling myself LAZY doesn’t help me get motivated; it only paralyzed me.

I’ve learned that perfectionism also paralyzes me.  To do something perfectly will take SO MUCH time and energy, there’s no way I can get myself to start such a chore.

I’ve learned that having a limited amount of energy (because of chronic illness) has bred in me a “scarcity mentality” that leads to hoarding my energy instead of rationing my energy in a sane manner.

I’ve learned that a change of MINDSET can go a long way towards living well with chronic low energy.

I’ve learned that I can help others who face similar challenges by showing them some of the simple mindset changes that I’ve made.

LAZY?  SHMAZY!!!  I’m just “gumption challenged”.


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