Now? Later? Never?

“Do it Now!” This is a great motto for the procrastinator in me to learn.  Will I walk past this piece of trash on the floor 15 times or 20 times before I finally pick it up?  How about I pick it up NOW?  This is good advice and can help me with countless tiny things that, if left unfixed (not un-NOTICED, BTW), will fill all space in my mind with witheringly sarcastic comments, and use up all my gumption and energy for the day. But, for the Side-tracked among us, this motto can also be a huge time and energy drain:  If I stopped every current task whenever I noticed another uncompleted one, then it’d take me an hour to get from the bed to the bedroom door!  For the easily distractible, the motto sounds like, “Do it NOW, before you forget!  You KNOW you’ll never, ever, ever get back to it.” But there’re more choices besides “Do it now!” and “Do it later…”  (which feels like “Now or Never!” and “Never”).  How about “I’ll do it after I finish my current project”, or “I’ll have a few minutes after lunch; I’ll do it then.” Here’s the takeaway:  Scheduling something for later is NOT putting it off!  I don’t have to replace procrastination with frenzied work; I can replace it with PLANNING.  What a relief that is!


2 thoughts on “Now? Later? Never?

  1. Love your post! Hmm, will I write my reply now or after I finish my dinner? I like this one so much I think I will have dinner after I write my comment.

    Holly as you know I am a big fan of your writings and musings. Thank you for sharing.


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