Revising My Self-Talk

Just a quick note to share how I revised my self-talk a few minutes ago.  I was cleaning around the back of my kitchen sink and noticed that yesterday’s spill of corn meal had been bigger than I’d thought.

Me:  “Well, you really screwed THAT up!”

Wiser Me:  “No, you just spilled more than you thought.  It’ll only take 30 seconds to clean it up.”

Guess what?  “Wiser Me” was RIGHT!

What kind of mean things have you said to yourself lately?


6 thoughts on “Revising My Self-Talk

  1. I am very good at self criticism. You stopped me from saying one self criticism and I hear your voice everytime I start to do it. I would call you on the phone and say “hi it is just Marjorie”. You taught me I am not “just” Marjorie” and instead “it is Marjorie!” By making that small change my conversations start on a happy note. Thank you!🐞

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  2. You know first hand that I practice talking to myself the way I would to others- with love and respect. Even so I caught myself telling a story in my own head that was self-limiting and defeating. Thankfully my wiser self heard and rewrote the story to reflect honest truth both of where I have challenge AND strength.
    Thank you for the unique and wonderful gift you have that helps remind us to be self-aware.

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  3. Maybe we all shouldn’t have day jobs, so we can focus on being us, and try to tackle the challenges that come with the brain we were delivered with 🙂 Training yourself in so many ways and being able to practice this too, so you can really turn it into a habit to be considerate of yourself and others; I respect this highly, a big achievement. Thanks for your inspirational posts!

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    • When I had a day job (before kids) I wasn’t a very good employee! Having ADD and also being paralyzed by perfectionism, I was fairly unreliable. I’m very grateful that my husband earns enough to support us, in a job which he loves. After my kids were grown, I had some depression and discouragement around not looking for gainful work, but CBT and some personal coaching helped me to see that I don’t need paid work in order to make a difference in the world.

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying my sharing.

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      • Hi, a late response… due to busi-ness, what can I say.. I will write on my blog about the upcoming week which will be my last official work-week as a fulltime employee. I do fear the black hole lying in wait but then again, I may have prevented the black hole from originating because of the mental change that is happening inside me. Or wherever these things take place. Encouraging to hear you are ok with yourself and your place in the … world. I am looking forward to the freedom that I hope will be my luxurious possession before too long!

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