The Old Way, the New Way, and the Tired Way

Having just come home from a weeklong trip, I was faced with the chore task of unpacking my suitcase full of clean and dirty clothes and several bags of books/toys/chargers.  That day I was really tired after the trip and didn’t want to jump right in putting everything away.  So I got to thinking about how things used to be.

Here’s my OLD way of doing things:

  • Even before I got sick, I would return from a trip and plop the bags, the suitcases, etc., in a corner (or the middle!) of my room and LEAVE THEM THERE for a very long time.  Maybe I’d grab the dirty stuff when I did laundry, or I’d grab some clean undies so I wouldn’t HAVE to do laundry, but the simple job of unpacking and putting away the bags would just not get done.

The NEW way:

  • Since I’ve been following simple household routines, I’ve discovered the joy of picking several short, well-defined tasks and completing them — “Complete” is an adjective meaning COMPLETELY done!  Having done this a few times I’ve discovered that unpacking a suitcase is a small job and it is very satisfying to complete – “Complete” means putting the suitcase COMPLETELY away!  What a joy to put so little energy into a project that will make such a big difference in my life for the next few weeks (months?).

So YAY for the NEW WAY!  Unfortunately I was tired that day.  I had to restart my daily household routines and clean up a bit from my husband’s care of the home (he doesn’t leave clutter, but he doesn’t use a dish rag, either).  I needed to go through the mail and the e-mail.  Do I have to unpack, too?  Well…yes!  But I’m TIRED…  So I resurrected a life-hack that helped me a lot when my illness was worse and I had so little energy—“And one more”.  I think I’ll call it “the Tired Way”.

The TIRED way:

  • I sat down at my computer to sort through the e-mail, but where were my computer glasses?  In a BAG, of course.  I found the bag in the kitchen and found the glasses in the bag and found OTHER THINGS in the bag!  So I looked for at least one other thing in the bag that I could put away on my way back to my computer – no extra energy expended, but a little bit more of the job done.  I did this later with my suitcase upstairs, and brought back down at least one thing from the suitcase that belonged downstairs.

I’d found that the New Way was great and I couldn’t wait to get back to fully functioning that way, but being tired that day didn’t mean I’d have to revert to the Old Way, either!  I chose, that day, to work with the amount of energy I’d been given and did some things, but I didn’t have to expect everything from myself, just SOME.


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