“Oompah” gives me “Oomph”

Did I tell you I joined a band?  I’m in a Bavarian Beer Garden band, playing my accordion.  (Read:  “Oompah Band”)

One of the things I’ve learned about myself over the years is that if I want to do something, I need to have people around me who expect it done.  I’m generally not self-motivated, but when something is really important to me, I find that I can join with others who will keep each other accountable to do it.

I’m a musician, but not a very good one.  Why?  Because I like to play around, but I don’t like to practice.  So I can play lots of songs fairly well, but nothing that’s “performance ready”.  But being in a new band means that others need me to actually be able to play the songs all the way through without stopping!  So, now I feel the need, and have the desire, to practice, practice, practice.  I went for 7 or 8 months without picking up my accordion (it’s pretty heavy, you know), but once I joined the band, I’ve been hefting it two or three times a day!  And though it’s probably not a surprise to you guys, I was SHOCKED by how much easier it is to play that accordion!

Another plus:  Beer Garden music is FUN!  It’s upbeat and lively, and I always feel good when I play it.  A whistling person is a happy person, and I’ve been whistlin’ Oompah for months now.  🙂

A third plus:  This week I brought out some of my Blues and Zydeco music and found that all my new skills make those styles easier to play, too.  Yippee!

I used to think I was Too Lazy to Practice, but now I say, “Lazy? Shmazy!  I just need to get motivated.”


2 thoughts on ““Oompah” gives me “Oomph”

  1. I love OOMpha and beer gardens so reading about your new adventure already has my toe tapping. Where do you play?

    Motivation that is the key. Thanks for sharing in a way that makes such a beautiful point to ponder in areas of my life where I am feeling “lazy”.


  2. We’re rehearsing for a few sets during Kirkland’s Oktoberfest at the end of September. We’d like to do some other gigs but right now we’re just trying to all play the same song at the same time!


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