A Better Way to Live

When I got up this morning I was looking forward to going to the dentist. What?!?! Yep, I had some tooth impressions made a couple of weeks ago; today I had an appointment to pick up my new “night guard”, and I was looking forward to the pain relief it would give me.

I arrived on time and jumped happily into the chair, but when the technician tried to seat the appliance, it didn’t fit! Here’s what my brain did:

“Oh, no! My teeth have moved in the two weeks since I had the impressions made. That was my WORST NIGHTMARE!” No, that’s a little dramatic, dear. How about, “I was AFRAID this would happen!” Better, but still fraught with negativity. Okay, here it is: “I knew this was a possibility.” Yes. That’s a simple declaration of the truth.

The technician sent for the dentist to assess the problem and I told him, “I think my teeth have moved since the impressions were taken; I knew that would be a possibility.”

He goes into “mystery-solving mode” and, looking at the little model in his hand, declares, “This isn’t YOUR mouth!” Huh? Apparently the lab had mixed up the models and had made the appliance using the wrong impressions. I say to the dentist with a chuckle, “Well, THIS wasn’t on my list of possibilities!”

Of course they have to send it back to the lab for a do-over and I’ll have to wait another week or so; the dentist apologized for the inconvenience, but I said, “Now I have a STORY!”

After scheduling another appointment with the receptionist, she said to me, “Thank you for being so good-natured and flexible about this.” What a nice thing to say! And I replied, “It’s just a better way to live.”


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